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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended

Adobe Photoshop CC is a new version of popular application for pixel graphics processing. It gives you possibilities to create and edit your own images and work with pictures. Photoshop is mostly used to retouch, make color correction, collaging, graphics transformation etc. It has all you need for work with pixel images, can work with layers and edges. No need to tell that this application is an absolute leader amongst professional graphics editors thanks to its massive opportunities and extra efficiency.
Adobe Photoshop CC advantages:
  • Smart Shape – is the most convenient technology of sharpening. It analyses the image to reduce noise and create high quality image which will look naturally;
  • Powerful sampling – new function gives possibility to keep the details of the image and avoid noise while zooming in on the picture;
  • As Adobe Photoshop CC is a component of Creative Cloud, it serves you various powerful tools for image video editing and also provides extended 3D editing tools and other add-ons which were formerly accessible in Photoshop Extended only;
  • Camera Raw 8 is a tool with slight help of which you will be able to precisely edit images, eliminate perspective distortions and create vignettes;
  • Smart Objects extended support;
  • Improved 3D objects drawing, 3D effects and font styles.
Adobe Photoshop CC supports Windows 8 and Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine provides high operating speed of the key elements what gives you a possibility to edit images hand over fist. Download Adobe Photoshop CC for free and use and improve your editing skills to create your masterpieces!
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